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Dec 9, 2008
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Let say I may have around 360 sites (different domain names and separate hosting accounts) that are sitting empty... Squat nothing, not even a single piece of html code.

What is the best use for these sites???

Not really looking for a simple answer like "make money," nor am I looking for a step-by-step on any particular method, but more along the lines of an idea or two that I can try, or something you've tried that has been effective. In other words, I don't mind work or research, just looking for wisdom from those who have come before me...
autoblogs..... there is a guy here who makes them for like $20 each on anything :) will mean you get traffic and make cash all in one :D (his names valwurden or something similar lol)
Yeah. Use wordpress mass installer. Interlink them to increase backlinks. Use adsense and promote affiliate products with spun or plr articles
Put in 4 hours of your time everyday and startup a blog farm. After a couple of months it should give you some three to four figures depending on how you built them. Good money on autopilot eh?
Sounds like I'm about to be a farmer...

Thanks guys for all your help. I will check around for autoblogger dude and check him out as well.
Really depends on how much work and or money you want to put into developing them.
Really depends on how much work and or money you want to put into developing them.

Just want ideas... If you have anything to add to the conversation just post it...

As of right now I am educating myself on blogfarming...
The only thing I can say is why? How does a person get 360 domains and never does anything with them? Are you from another forum?
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