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Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by jthomas086121, Dec 27, 2008.

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    I wrote an E-book and want to put links in it for products under my Hydra account. I know some of the companies ban certain type of campaigns when such as banner, incentives, or e-mail. My question is, when which strategy should I select to put the link in my E-book? Is an E-book a type of contextual advertisement or can I use e-mail advertisement HTML codes?
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    lots of Ebooks have affiliate links in them. Now there are those who will definitely read the material and frown at an affiliate link but you will never please everyone. I would say that if you go over the TOS for the company you are marketing then use both Email marketing ( to your list acquired via ebook distribution ) and market inside the book. Offer some further training inside the book or more updates on your subject matter to build your mailing list. When you put the links in the book just softly market them as useful recommendations from you as the author with first hand experience.
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    They wont have problems with that, after all you wrote the eBook, and people will go to the offer because of you. Same thing as putting online affiliate links on your website.
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    In my opinion, you could make the case for ANY of the traffic sources if your links are in an ebook. Looking through my hydra account, about the only one you couldn't say would be ok is maybe popups; it'd be hard to fire them from an ebook.

    banners/contextual - yup, the links are in the context of what the book is about
    SEO/SEM - yup, you are using marketing & search engine optimization to drive folks to get your book
    email only - yup, your ebook only goes out to people on your email list ;)
    PPC - yup, you setup a campaign just the other day to drive traffic to your site so people will get your ebook.

    So I say, all the campaign types in hydra are OK if it's an offer you really want to promote. If you feel uncomfortable about it, maybe leave out the email only campaigns (like #8350 for example) and you should be golden.
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    An example of how this might work:

    You could use this concept in such a manner so that you put some info about Wii stuff in your ebook, maybe some strategy, maybe something generic, like how to unlock it, and then add a link to win a free wii, or other video game system, then spam it out as a torrent or pad submission. Sorry. Long run-on sentence.

    Plausible? likely. Against TOS? Hardly.
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    Mate that is valid to offer info and links for people to find it. As long as it is not promoting a direct competitor of the program you are selling through there should not be a problem and you can offer several alternatives for each