Hydra Can't Pay Affiliates For ZIP Submit Offer

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    Just got this in my inbox....thankfully I only had $190 from this offer

    Good morning?You have probably noticed a discrepancy with June?s payment (May?s traffic). Affiliates who promoted any of the dish network offers were affected.

    Unfortunately, we learned that our advertiser for the Dish Network campaigns lost their licensing to sell the Dish Network products. This leaves them (and us) in a precarious position, as the leads we have provided are now not valuable to the client and we (Hydra) are at risk for non-payment. We are working closely with the advertiser to try to resolve the issue and recover all funds from their May campaigns, however, we must withhold affiliate payments in the meantime while we work through the details. As you know, we typically pay our affiliates in advance, regardless of our ability to collect from our advertisers. In this instance, we have made the decision to be proactive in balancing our accounts payable against our accounts receivable, as there is a strong possibility that this advertiser will be unable to pay.

    You have been paid in full for the remainder of your May traffic and we will pass along your payments for this particular advertiser as soon as we have resolved the issue with them. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued partnership with Hydra.