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Hy, new hustler in da hauz

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tomsko, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. tomsko

    tomsko Regular Member

    Nov 2, 2012
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    So, hi to everyone :)
    My name is Toms, and I live in Latvia. Im 19 y/o.
    I've been into internetz for a long time. For about a year now ive been searching and searching for best ways to make money online. I used to be all about white hat, but after discovering this forum, I have changed my mind. A lot.

    I know html, css, a bit of php & mysql & javascript. I also have photoshop skills, seo knowlage and im very good with wordpress. I learned these things because when I was younger I thought that Im going to be web designer / developer, but screw that, it aint gonna make me rich :)

    Some other project I used to believe a lot are stuffdiscount (totally not worth it) and justdvdripped (still developing, have some hopes). Google both my sites cuz links get triggered.

    So, what IM should I start with? Id like something that I could set up fast and scale up to bout 10-20$/day, then move to something else. Maybe simple PPD links on uploaded YouTube videos?

    Btw I'd love to add someone making serious money on skype, so I can ask a few quick questions from time to time.
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