Husband & Wife BHW Team


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Jan 3, 2010
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Hey folks.

I'm not sure if we are the first or not, but my wife has also joined BHW as MrsCoyoteAssassin. She will be spending most of her time in the Social Networking portion of the site learning new tips on how to promote our business and reach new audiences.

If your spouse is also on here of if you think this is cool, drop me a line and let me know.

Thank you in advance for the respect that you show her.


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Welcome Mrs. CoyoteAssassin! I bet you don't find too many husband and wife teams here... you may have the honor of being the first!

Enjoy your time here... don't hang out much in social media so you won't be running into me too many times!

Just don't learn more than Mr. Coyote Assassin or something tells me they'll be trouble! LOL

Good move, my wife is a member here but is almost never on the site.

Welcome MRS Coyote, read and learn.

If one of you wants to shoot me a PM, I'll give you a link to an ebook I wrote specifically for my wife.
Hey family "CoyoteAssassin",

Welcome to the Lady of the house...I suppose that would be the CoyoteAssassin house. Hope all goes well for both of you and you learn and implement as much as you can and need.


Say "BassTrackerBoats" not sure if I'd use the word "shoot" around these two. Might not be safe.;)
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Make 2 children soon [ofcourse in WH way] & Be the First Ever Total BH Family of the world.

"Soon" is correct. ;-)

Thanks guys for the positive comments. Having a spouse support is a great feeling. For those of you married who receive the same support, be sure to say Thank You to her/him tonight.
Thanks everybody for the welcome & support! I requested the sign on name BackwoodsBarbie but hubby says Mrs.CoyoteAssassin will bring more respect ;)....back to researching...
lol..BHW wife ... good luck to both of you :)

@ericsson i loved the way u commented about ur wife :D
Hiya Mrs.CoyoteAssassin..:wavey:
Welcome Aboard...
Nice to see a Team(in this case husband & wife)
I always liked teaming in IM...:cool:
welcome from me as well, ms coyoteassassin glad you can be on the board
Welcome aboard Mrs CoyoteAssasin... Maybe I should get my wife in here too... So she doesn't spend it on shoppping either. :)
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