Hurry Up !! Few hours Left , Free Word Ai Turing Spin 4000 words per person.

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    So i have Word AI subscription which is going as waste, i think i still have some 8 hours left to complete this month of subscription.

    First Come First Serve Basis.

    4000 words article Turing Spin per person.

    Send me the article in .txt format direct download url.

    Important : Keep the .txt file name as your BHW username because i won't be doing one by one, i will bulk spin. Those who use Word AI know that there is no difference in that.

    I have some 200,000 Words Turing spin left. Hurry up. Make a small comment below and send the files to my pm inbox. Comment so that more people come to know and this thing gets finished quick. Close to 8 hours left.

    I will send them all to each one of you when i get time, coz that will be done one by one. 50 will take quite some time. Spinning will be done quick.

    No Partiality. FCFS Basis.
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    Here YGPM