Hurray my first clickbank sale - with half hour work

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by lucky_che, Jan 29, 2011.

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    right now i am extremely happy :D . i just checked my CB account by mistake and found a sale. actually that sale was made 4 days ago on on 24th but i never checked my account as i never expected it.

    what i did : - actually on 22nd of this month i created a blogger autoblog (using ABS) with that product's banner (i made in photoshop) . i installed some 4 feeds and set to post it articles after 3 to 5 hours. a day after i submitted my site and sitemap to google webmaster and submitted the first post to 30 bookmarking sites with magic submiter(i own) left it .

    I left it because i thought promoting clickbank through blogger is waste. my blog will probably not even come to top 10 pages. Also it is a highly competitive keyword. i was regretting wasting my half hour creating that bog. i wished i wud have worked for some lower competitive keyword

    AND Today i see this :-

    Keyword was "lottery" ( i dont mind sharing it as its huge competitive )
    Seo = just bookmarking one post to 30 SB sites
    Article = all from feeds , all dublicated. not even translated

    AT THIS POINT i have no clue how that bugger found my new blog and chose to buy the product.

    Is there any way i can track the visitors accurately ?

    This might just be what i call "Beginner's luck" or whatever but this has really motivated me :)

    Thanks guys :)