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    Alright folks, first off you can put this on....

    So what am I doing?

    1. Purchased Domain - Domain is Health related

    2. - Using <10 plugins

    3. Free Wordpress Theme

    4. Theme Customizations (this is easy, you dont need to know php or css fluently, don't let it be a road block, jump right in)
    a. Logo customization
    b. Ad placement customization
    c. Custom scripts coupled with wordpress to attract more visitors. If I was making a MySpace layouts site this would be something like a friend rotator or some other crap ;]
    d. Obviously CSS changes... Can't do the above without dabbling in the css a bit.

    5. Google Apps - Doh!
    a. Analytics
    b. Adsense
    c. Google +
    d. Youtube
    e. - I use the search engine for researching my site's rank :)

    6. Twitter
    a. Twitter is OK but honestly to get anything out of it you really need to put in some quality time with it and write things to people. There is a lot of automation on Twitter and humans can recognize it really easily. You'll have best success with Twitter if you can put in an hour a day or so. As for me, I put in 15 minutes every few days writing unique posts, sharing links and connecting with people. Twitter is primarily used to post links from Wordpress to Twitter via Jetpack plugin.

    7. Unique Content - This is key. At this point the site has been live for 10 days. Yes, just 10 days old. The first week I put out 3 articles a day. Even though it doesn't take long to write a quality article, perhaps an hour, it still takes a lot out of you. It really isn't hard to generate unique content- if you can read and write then you're fully capable of doing this. Writing skills are important but practice makes perfect.


    So whats happening now?

    VISITORS: Average 5 per day, one day I had 20+ unique visitors.

    GOOGLE RANK: My articles are currently showing up on page 4 of Google search results. I have to say I'm kinda surprised at only 10 days old the site is on the 4th page. As for backlinks I don't have many, mostly thinks like technorati and other blog directories. I think in total there is something like 20 backlinks to the site, maybe 8 of which are d0f0ll0w.

    ADVERTISEMENTS: Not a dime made yet, but I expect to see at least a dollar by the end of the month.

    MARKETING: My marketing tools right now are twitter and youtube and honestly I'm not putting too much work into either of them. I plan on getting a subscription to MagicSubmitter in a month or two but right now am primarily focused on getting a good amount of unique content on the site.

    Stay Tuned & If you guys have questions let me know!
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    Looks like you know what you are doing. Good luck with your journey!