(hunch)You might be able to get a couple free domains from Godaddy

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    Hi All -

    This maybe nothing and maybe I will get caught out but I wanted to tell you something that could get you few free domains a year "maybe"

    Scenario :

    1: I brought a domain and the domain came up for auto renewal
    2: I get a email saying thanks for renewing blah blah
    3: I didn't want to renew the domain so I rang them up and asked for a refund which they did.
    4: After the phone call I deleted the domain from my domain manager and forgot about it

    Anyway a day or two later I somehow deleted another domain by mistake and did this :

    1: Deleted the domain - ah shite
    2: I then found out how to get the domain back (go to domain manager then look under "domains" then "recover expired".
    3: I happened to notice the domain I originally deleted(renewed) was in that folder
    4: I then recover both of the domains

    I noticed that the renewed domain is showing the new renewal date 2013 so it has renewed and I have had it in my account!!

    I double checked and God4ddy 110% have refunded the original domain and I have now had it up and running for over 3 weeks (after renewal date)!

    So if you have a domain you are not that bothered about coming up for renewal then simply ring them up and get a refund and straight away delete it from your account!

    Wait a day or two then delete another domain and go back and get it!

    Worked for me twice, but I don't have any other domains coming up so I cant test it again!!
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