Huge Negative SEO to my website, what to do ?


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Jan 21, 2013
One month ago my one post recieved about 700K backlinks (in 2-3 days) (only this post and nothing else on my website) and now my organic traffic is decreasing every day, I dont know if this is that case but it is not probably good for my backlink profile. So what I can do ? Redirect this post via 301 so it will redirect all link juice from these backlinks, will this save my website ? Thank you for advices.
If it was me I'd 301 that single page to an external domain. Maybe also try collecting the and disavowing via Webmaster Tools.
A redirect won't help you imo. How old is your website?
Btw the spammy links still increase every day, someone is really mad about my one post today it has already 750K backlinks.
If I were you I will get a new domain move your website to that new domain.

Redirect the entire old website to your new domain.

Make an analyze of those backlinks and see the anchor text.

Go to the market place section where you can find some massive blasts and use them to blast your old website and use anchor text so you can control the anchor density.

This way you will make the "attack" work for you.

P.S. I suggested you the redirect solution just to keep it in the safe zone and keep control of what is happening. On my website I will go and just add some blasts to the site...

You will some drop on the short term but after a while you will see it rising. At that point you will must keep the backlinks building speed constant, maybe on a rising trend.

No matter what you do don't use the disallow tool.. Think what will happen if a url where you have a backlink will be submitted to the disallow tool by 10-20 persons?
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well I will wait a few days it is just some google dance or not, then I will move to the new domain ..but still I am really affraid because this is my main source of income :/
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