Huge Event coming to monetize

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by mrblackhat, May 13, 2009.

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    I have a huge event coming up in my area that i can monetize easily. I just need help finding an idea that i can do as a method of monetization. There is going to be a street sale on the socalled longest street in the world. Merchants can set up a tent and sell their goods for a day in june. I have business cards. could i give them to the merchants. Could i give out flyers for my GPT site? I need ideas because this could be the best opportunity of the year for me. Ideas, i just had an epiphany a few minutes ago thinking about the street sale. Any ideas maybe a stationery linked to an email submit. Could i set up a booth and just hand out flyers? Thanks, :DEXCITED:D
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    there's a method on ********** that would be good for this. That's all I can say. No need to PM me because I can't say anything else about it.
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    For the love of god dont do a GPT flier.

    There is plenty of offline methods talked about around here. Prob the best would be to bring a laptop, hook onto some wireless. And sell some acai or weightloss products etc. Anything with a trial offer. That is if you want to have a "Booth".

    If you want to hand out fliers you can do the same thing, but probably after the event you will find masses of your fliers chucked in the bin.