Hrefer & Proxy Goblin pwnage

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    Hey guys, I wanted to share this random idea with you..

    I was harvesting forums with Hrefer and I had to replace Hrefer's proxies all the time, but then I noticed that I can save proxies with Proxy Goblin to a disk using automated scraper..

    I what I did was set up automated scraper to harvest "Elite" proxies and then save them automatically after each run to "C:\Hrefer\xproxy.txt".

    Hrefer checks it's proxy file in every 180 seconds by default that means you don't have to do anything, but set up your Proxy Goblin and Hrefer and run it as long as you want and you get new good working proxies every 30 minutes (by default).

    Happy harvesting :)
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