HowTo Write a Sales Message and Survive The First 7 Seconds Of Death

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    Okay, most of you know you need a compelling and persuasive sales message to seduce your prospects into purchasing your product.

    But, of course that's only part of the equation with traffic etc. etc. Anyway, what I want to talk about is when someone first comes to your website. You literally have 7 seconds to stop them from clicking away for ever. It's called the 7 seconds till death.

    So how are we going to do this? Easy, with your Headline. And what is your headline going to provide so that your prospect stops and looks at it.

    * Attention: Your headline is going to grab your prospects attention and hold their interest. The best kind of headline. " How To ". Who doesn't want to know how to do something. " How To Hit A Golf Ball 320 Yards With An Amazing New Swing ". Cool.

    * Benefit: Now how are they going to benefit from reading your headline and continuing to read the rest of your spiel. Well, it's just like the golf ball, hitting the 320 yards if you keep reading you might get a little glimpse into learning more. And the 3rd thing.

    * Curiosity: Let's say you see a headline that say's something like...

    " Mom loses 32 pounds With An Amazing New Diet Secret ". Wouldn't you be at all interested in knowing what that amazing new diet secret would be... bet that would keep you reading.

    Anyway, hope this helps you in your travels to making huge amounts of cash.