HOWTO: Prevent YT comments to be marked as spam & earn money from YT posting

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    Hello fellow BHW members. I'm member now for few months, doing mostly reading, not that much discussions too, since I came from white hat world, and frankly - most of methods here are new to me, so I can't say I can discuss about much.
    But, I tried some methods that people here share, some work - some don't, and one I liked most from begining was - YT commenting and CPA.

    Many people say its saturated, but it depends on what you're aiming to get. See, its not all about YT only, their spam system and people there, 50% of work is on you. Big problem was - while you can control your part and do your best, you still have one big problem with YT since they fight spam like pros.

    In short, this little advice should get you to 80-100% success rate in posting comments, but only if you think about it and do a bit extra. I know it can be frustrating sometimes - comments get deleted, accounts too lalala, but that's why these days IM is not "no work, lots of money" but a bit harder. Still, it pays off way better than almost anything else.

    This is not big XXXX US money making secret, but rather obvious thing that is sometimes not so obvious.

    So, you wanna rely on your accounts/comments and earn some cash? Here's how:

    (movie site example, scale it to whatever you need)
    1. Make sure you have at least 2 domains you can use, and that any of them can be first on google for deformed kw derived from domain URL. 5 is better, 10 is best, you get the point....
    Best example: -> watchbestmovies-com. If you don't have, make sure you buy some domains, and have those ranking top 2 for those kw's.

    * this step makes sure that 95% of dumb people come to your site.

    2. Make sure you have nice AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE clean template, with lots of pictures. Big ones. Posters, lalalal. Screw text, your'e not aiming to SEOize this, but to provide clean GUI for dumb people.
    * this step makes sure that dumb people find your movies easily.

    3. Don't be lazy! Write nice 2-3 sentences in each comment. Include your deformed URL in second or third sentence. Make sure you create comment that looks like critic (positive) or gives small insight in movie.
    * this way comment looks authentic, and no way you're giving URL to earn, you're just being nice/smart guy ;)

    4. Make sure you use GOOD proxies and your own accounts. Make them yourself. Do a gmail adress and link yt acc to that, those creation services can be crappy so no point risking money and time that way. I bought some proxies here on bhw from reputable memeber, 10 proxies, work like a charm. Price was 30 USD per month. I mean, it's reasonable, since in better day I can pull out 100 USD from YT, so it makes good calculation.
    * once you get, for example, 10 proxies, you can create 10 accounts. This is more than enough, I promise, for a start.

    5. Make sure you rotate your URL's in comments. first, second, third, first, second... per comment.
    * YT cannot find pattern if you have solid 15+ words comment, but can track your URL deviation very easy. THIS IS what's it all about actually. URL's :)

    URL's. How funny. Many people use 1 site, and it gets caught up easily. I mean, G owns YT; they're good at matching text strings, especially those short. I rotated 100's of comments, and videos and stuff, and most of comments ended up in spam. As soon as I tried to change URL to my other site, wow - it works like a charm, 4 days now, around 750 comments, and no problems. I'm using my own written bot system, currently not scaled much but it gets the job done.

    Then you simple either pay someone to post your comments, or do it via bot. Another thing - as for comments data? Why make things up? Just go to IMDB and paste parts of movie reviews and add one sentence with "go see it here: bla".

    There you go. Exactly this will get you like I said, up to pure 100% survival of your accounts and comments.

    Thank me if you find it useful, have a nice day, and lots of money.
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