Hows this for a BLog?


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Oct 27, 2008
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Not too bad. I would take that ad block on the right and put it right above your content. In all reality you could give two craps less if they read it, you want them to click out. Hopefully on your ad.
On a single post page I would put the ads before the content instead of at the bottom.
And try to use tags.

Oh and look at the caffinated content templates, all your post have dead links at the bottom.
(Create a video blog...instantly, Content, Website content etc. pointing to http:///)
I think thats the link option in CC together with the links.txt in the CC plugin folder.
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LOOOL dude
u got same template as me :D

might be too many adsense blocks, you might get shitty ppc. apart from that tho the ad placement is good.
Been a long time since i visited adsense ads but try one of the banner blocks (728x90) at the top of the page right below 4 relevant images and blend in the ad colour with your blog titles. You should be aiming to get the ads and the images to look as links for your website. Old trick but as i said it's been a long time and don't know if this tactic has been ruled out in the past year or so
I would have changed the URL into a keyword and put a huge square adsense block right on top of the content. Uglier the better for adsense sites lol
You may like to change the background colour of the huge square adsense block on the top right to blend it into the template.
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