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    ok with all the mass bans recently i thought it would be useful to create a thread on everyones opinions/experience on ways youtube can link accounts. Ill Go First.


    if you use the same url across two or more accounts youtube can simply search this url and remove all of your videos including that url.

    Proxies (subnets)

    if your mass uploading off the same subnet for example "198.55.120.xx" then this will also have your accounts linked because yt can just search for all videos uploaded from that subnet and bam say goodbye to your videos.


    same applys if you keep using same tags on all videos, youtube can find all videos containing just these tags link them together and delete them.


    if you use the same titles over and over with little or no variation youtube can link these also by searching for all videos uploaded with that title in the period of time the first batch of banned videos was uploaded

    Flash cookies/cookies

    if you dont clean these, well do i have to say anymore?


    if videos are not unique then they can easily link acccounts together i dont feel i need to explain why with this one


    beware of what softwares you use because alot can leave massive footprints either via api or from something as simple as of how it logs into youtube

    Pc your using? hmmm...

    well im not sure if this one is a myth or not but ive seen a few people saying that youtube can tell exactly what pc you are using i dont know if they can actually see that much information but hey maybe im wrong..

    if theres other ways you know of that youtube can link accounts then im sure it would help everyone benefit so feel free to post it ;)
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    IMO they will only go into what you have stated, IF you use mass blaster and has xx-xxx amounts of videos on your accounts.
    use load of url shorteners and upload 1 video per account login upload the video and never log in again.
    the will just delete that account with 1 video and look no further.
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    Don't forget about user agent. They can read browser type, display resolution, installed plugins and fonts and who knows what more.