How Your Email and Money Payment Systems Can Be Unexpectedly Locked

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    How Your Email and Money Payment Systems Can Be Unexpectedly Locked


    This post is a warning to be aware of what might happen if you relocate to a New Country and IP Address

    This has happened to me! So I know!

    I recently moved from Asia back to my home on the Mediterranean in Europe and this happened...

    My gmail account was set to Unusual Usage - Account Temporarily Locked Down - which now happens every day after sending less than 5 emails - using the email account has now become a problem due to these restrictions... no reply as per usual re account support

    Then my PayPal was working and as I was paying out some payments up popped a window - Account Locked - Please verify you are the account owner by answering two security questions. Luckily I had stored the info requested and entered into 2 text boxes which set the account back to normal

    To close be careful keep all your un and pw and security info all together on a memory stick or similar where your know you have all info because you will need it, if any of your accounts are locked

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    Yes pretty common i would say , you are still lucky that after you provided the security questions they unlocked your account.Mainly they do check on ips so when you move to another country paypal saw that you were logging in from different countrys ip address so they run this security check to validate you are the owner.Of course you should store those security questions and all passwords and personal information for future use , especially if you have more than one account.