How you deal with Paypal chargebacks?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by sk8tavou, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Ok this thing got out of hand! I got two chargebacks and the one for no reason instant refunded without even giving me the time to reply something!
    As always they say its anauthorized transactions and they win the money!
    Its sick! I even have their emails saying thanks for your service blah blah! I lost these disputes in the past and if i lost them now too seriously i will lose faith in humanity ;p
    How its possible for an unregistered unverified account to win a dispute so easily?
    Now it was a small order if a bigger one comes what i can do ?
    I contacted them and seriously i will not stop emailing them for weeks till they understand that they are stupid!

    Please dont reply with things like dont use paypal! I believe it helps and a lot of people using it so i have to play with it! I just ask for your experience and how you deal with it!

    Note: what i did at the moment is saved and blacklisted their emails at my provider! But the problem is if i get payment the email is going to be from paypal so i have to check everytime if its from these emails:|
    Maybe we can make a list with emails that do chargebacks often so maybe we add a little more security!...

    Im so pissed off :|
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    I've had several of these chargebacks in the past while using paypal. And, I tried speaking some sense to the idiots there, and they care little about the money you lose, and will side with the buyer in the case of an Unauthorized transaction. The fact is that, the chargeback is done by the credit card company, so if paypal does not refund your money, it has to pay from its own pocket, or the card company from it's pocket.

    In the case of other payment processors like 2checkout, etc, there is a fraud verification process, which paypal does not have at all. I have had zero chargebacks with 2checkout in a whole year, and the transactions returned as fraud, were a blessing, as I'd be charged back later, like your case.

    If you do work with paypal, a reality exists that a % of your sales will be lost in chargebacks/disputes. So, continue with them only if you can afford loosing that %.
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