How would you write this ad?

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    If you were going to hold a conference in a local city about IM and were to advertise it in the paper what would your ad say? I'm not looking at doing this yet but is an idea I am very interested in. I wrote this one while killing time yesterday and wouldn't mind some feedback on where to improve. Cheers guys n girls. Internet Marketing. Do you have an hour spare time a day? Want to learn how people make thousands of dollars every day via internet marketing? Its simpler than you think. We are going to reveal a concept that we use to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. We are holding a conference at the sky city conference room on the 2nd of December, there you will be taught our methods, questions will be answered and all that will be left will be for you to take action and start making money. There is a charge to attend this conference as we aren't going to give away these ideas for free. and spaces are limited we will have 25 positions available of which 5 have already been taken, if you are interested please contact us on: ...
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    No offense intended mate but it's pretty lame, I mean considering you're selling "IM" or marketing training you're ad needs to be extra kickass. I would open with a line that gets their attention immediately, along the lines of and these are just some examples.

    "Do you miss the Taco Bell chiuaua"
    "Why does everyone know the the Taco Bell chiuaua"
    "remember the taco bell chiuaua"

    And then continue with your pitch