How would you set this adwords account up?

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by udt89, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Ok so i need some help setting up an adwords account for one of my clients. They have 5 offices, lets say 1-5, and those offices are located in 4 different towns, lets say a-d

    So there is 1a, 2b, 3c, 4d, and 5d.

    I was planning on setting up 5 different campaigns and they would contain search terms local to the city that they are in. Then making separate campaigns for other search terms that arent that local, i.e. other towns outside where the offices are located.

    Is this the best approach? What would you do about the two offices in the same town? Im pretty sure, but since all the ads will be within the same client, ad wont compete against each other right? Been trying to find that in black and white on google but couldnt.

    Hope I make sense.


    I was just thinking I would need 5 campaigns for every service they offer. Because each ad would need to be different depending on the keyword? Like for lets say "(city) dentist" or "(city) orthodontist", they cant be in the same ad group, they would need to be separate campaigns?
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    You would probably be best off setting up 4 campaigns (as geotargeting is a campaign setting) and then setting up 5 ad groups within each to target individual services. 5 different "location" extensions listing the 5 different offices so adwords can pull the closest office automatically. I tend to use geolocation for location targeting as opposed to keywords. YMMV
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    I'd do what weebus said.
    If you keep them separated at the campaign level they won't compete/cannibalize each other.

    Have a campaign for each geographic area, with a copy of the same ad groups within it.
    Geo-Target and do your extensions within the Campaign, not the ads.

    I've tried Geo targetting based on keywords. It sucked.

    Use the adwords editor and just copy-paste the initial shell you setup.

    You are right in thinking to avoid ad-level location extensions for a situation like this, since the ad-level extensions for one location can stop otherwise eleligible ads displaying in another.

    This article explains it well.
    Arg I still can't post links after having an account here for years.
    It's '5 things about ad extensions'. At ppc hero dot com.