How Would You Rank A Site With 100,000 Posts?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Codliver, Aug 5, 2015.

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    Assume you had a site with 100,000 posts.

    Your goal is to not rank each post to 1# but to just distribute link juice throughout the entire site relatively evenly throughout all 100k posts.

    Ideally so that each post has some PA to it; really the goal is so that each page just has more power than nothing.

    Goal is not churn and burn but long term site sustainability.

    How would you do this?

    Would you clump hundreds of posts into silos, interlink each post in their corresponding silo, and fire links at different posts within that silo?
    Would you clump 1,000 internal post links into a big list on a page and fire links at that page?

    Other thing I am wondering is what tool or link acquiring strategy might you use, if any? (GSA, cheap paid links, etc)

    Again, goal is not churn and burn but long term sustainability.
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    I cant imagine doing SEO for 100k post, your best bet is making sure each page has perfect on page SEO.

    Any other method will cost you a arm, a leg, a head, and maybe some feet. :)

    Maybe someone else can give you better advice.
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    Yes I would do perfect onpage SEO, as you should always do, if possible have divided them in categoryes, in a SILO structures, you may have subcategoryes, as basically smaller sites with in the main site, then I would track the ranking for the articles, and interlink the best ranked to the less ranked or no ranked at all, to make some juice flow to them easily, then find a way to say every week or 2 check the rankings if improved, may be a post is over optimized or underoptimized and so on, and tweak where is needed and then in rotation, keep checking, the rankings, to tweak the unperforming articles.

    Once you are satisfied, but should not been an issue, to get some good link to some strategic pages, may be the category pages or some other important page, where the juice can flow to the other articles or subpages.

    If the articles get shared, liked and so on on the social networks, that would give another boost.

    Now if this is a new site, should be easy, if this is an already old site, with backlinks and all, you need to check your backlinks too, you may act little differently on not ranking pages and so on.
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    Focus on two things :

    onpages seo internal linking - avoid word cannibalization
    links to different subpages of domains
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    Interlinking with keywords and good quality back-links ;)
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    If I were you, I would first categorize those 100k posts. Hopefully, I'll have ONLY 10 categories with 10k posts each (silo approach) after that.

    Next, I'll look at each post's quality (with 100k posts waiting to be edited, good luck with that!) then merge all the posts (in the same category) that have low quality into one authority post or page.

    After merging all the low-quality posts, again I'm hoping, that now I would end up with 10 categories with only 1000 posts each.

    I will then make every parent category/page a "Power Page". This will be the "entrance" to the silo of those 1000 posts. So that will be 10 Power Pages/Category pages (Silo).

    It's now time to make all those 1000 posts' on-page SEO as close to perfect as possible. Interlinking between the posts inside the Silo and having at least (AT LEAST) 5k posts link back to the silo's Power Page and making sure that the links (new and previous) don't point to other silos.

    So how long would this take? I don't wanna know.

    I rebuilt a site with 1800+ posts that interlinks randomly, turned it into a silo type site. I started back in September 2014 and up until now I'm not finished with that site (some leaks here and there, some power pages still not set-up, some posts still no-indexed).

    On the bright side, Many pages are coming up on the top spot, some posts appearing twice or thrice in the first page and I managed to snag most competitors spots while holding the newcomers to just 4th or 5th place.

    With only 30 backlinks to boot!

    So back to what you're planning OP, like BHW member asap1 said, it will cost you an arm, feet, head, and probably some parts of your soul too. :)