how would you monetize this review site? adsense or affiliate links?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by q3rage, Feb 6, 2016.

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    Lets say you are a creating a website similar to this site:

    How would you monetize a site like that which reviews various products and services, most of which can be found on CPA networks. Obviously the #1 issue would be a conflict of interest but how many people do you think would have a problem with that conflict?

    I appreciate any discussion and feedback on this question. Thanks!
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    I answer you on your other post :), but point is to rank for program names keywords+review so people when looking for those programs they come to inner pages you would not have visits to main page so that people come and pick some product... But like I say in your other post for this you need really big budget and time. Don't count you will rank for something before 6 months, just if you add 20 articles per week really unique and good ones then you maybe get it faster... But count if you give 10$ per article, 200$ per week just for articles... And like I say on other ask something more if need some help I have very simular website.
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    Totally agree with shaydyns here: time and persistence will pay off, not short term gains.

    Probably you want some easy or effective way to drive up your content operations.

    I did a similar type of setup with a previous site. I was able to drive up traffic but quality wasn't always there. Definitely over time though things got better and we were able to monetize somewhat. Definitely it was alot of effort though.