How would you like your CTR boosting service for youtube ?

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    Jan 4, 2016
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    Hi guys !

    I am working on a project to be able to offer around 2.000 clicks to your website, after these real users searched for your keyword on google. (It will increase SERPS CTR).

    On my last thread, where I asked if this service would be valuable or not, before working on it, (I plan to make a giveaway soon for any BHW member to test for free), I had some members to tell me they would like this service for youtube, to boost their videos.

    I am now working on also doing that possible.
    I want to ask, do you want the user to search for your keyword in google web search, in google videos or on youtube ?

    Users are from good countries, mainly EU (Germany,France,Italy).

    The users are real, no bots, no VPN. Real users.
    I also wanted to ask you if a price of $30 / 1000 kw search + click + stay on webpage a random time between 1-3 mins is a good price ? Just to make some calculations, because I will also need to pay my users. MOre details I will give when creating th giveaway. FOr now I need to work on the video ranker, so I need your advice. Thank you.