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How would you cheat this system?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by megvid, May 14, 2009.

  1. megvid

    megvid Newbie

    Apr 8, 2009
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    I have a site listed on ovguide.com and i would like to know the easiest free way to get my page on the front page im thinking proxie clicker but i cant find a working one
  2. clitorisfactory

    clitorisfactory Junior Member

    Feb 21, 2009
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    you mean the sites displayed on the frontpage?
    im guessing they are paid ads

    i copied the following do,s and donts from the ovguide.com forums

    Some Do's and Don'ts
    You can have ads, but be tasteful. Zango is looked upon very negatively and if you have Zango without a cancel option on any videos, your site will be rejected or removed from the guide.

    We understand the need to run ads, but excessive pop-ups will stop you from being listed and you could get banned for it. Think of your site as an outside visitor... Would you come back and use it yourself, or are the ads too much to take?

    All content must be free without any registration needed to view the content. Even free registration is not permitted. If we see sites with mixed content that has some subscriptions required for certain titles, we may accept it if the subscription area is clearly marked and only a small part of your content requires registration.

    Have working links. By far, the number one reason we reject sites is because the links are not working. The main reason we remove sites is if you stop maintaining it and have too many dead links. We have automated scripts that check content.

    Have lots of content. Don't bother submitting a site until you have a lot of content. Our homepage sites are good examples of what we mean by enough content with 100's or 1000's of links. If your site is very targeted in a niche area, we may accept it with only a few dozen links, but it would need to cover a very specific area, like one specialized for a show and you have all episodes that are kept current and updated on a daily basis.

    Be search engine friendly. We must be able to crawl your site. Please make sure you allow our crawler (ovgbot). A good clean layout that has one landing page for each title makes it easier for us to crawl your content. In addition, a dedicated page that has new content, or an RSS feed with weekly new content, will go far in making sure our search engine can get to your new content on a daily basis. Please use basic SEO so we can understand your content. Focused page titles. Clear and consise metatag descriptions. Good focused page content to help us understand the page. We have 1000's of sites and most don't follow these simple rules, so if you do this, it will greatly improve your chances at being at the top of our search results.

    Let us know if you change your site structure. Once we index your site content, if you change the layout, it may take long time for us to re-index your site. It is best to contact us and let us know about any major layout changes. We can then update our site crawlers to look at your site again. Ideally, your site is planned in a way so that the video content can be easily found by our crawlers. Landing pages that are excessively deep may never get indexed by us.

    Don't have spam pages. If we see pages with fake content that only have ads, we will remove the site. The same goes for what we crawl. Our search engine has a large editorial component, which means humans are looking and rating the results on a daily basis. A good site will get promoted over time. You might be on the last page when you are first added, but if you prove yourself with good content and results that match our searches with quality links, it will get noticed. Many of our currently featured homepage sites started out near the bottom.

    There is more to life than movies/tv and adult content! We have dozens of other categories, like video games, music, education, and more. The competition in these areas for a good site is much less than movies/tv, so we would encourage submissions in them and you have a better chance at making it to the top of our guide in your area of expertise.
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