How work with Instagram more safety?

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    Part 1. Accounts

    There are two types of accounts, it newbie accs and aged accs.
    Newbie accs can be of different ages, as well as aged accs but aged accs trust more for insta.
    But I would advise buying newbie accs, since you have to make a full account cycle and raise it yourself.
    What does it mean?
    Now I try to explain what it is.
    You take 100 Instagram accounts, buy them a proxy. Next to each account add 1 proxy, start to draw it.
    Either at the time of authorization, or after your account, you will receive asms- checkpoint from instagram. It is quite normal for new Instagram account, so to speak one-step protection against spam instagram.
    Once you have drawn up an account, confirm it by SMS, subscribe to a couple of celebrities in your area and set your account for a couple of days. All these operations were carried out with all the other 100 accounts.
    After a couple days start adding publication (photos must be unique, I will talk about this later). Upload photos with large randomly delays, something like 15 to 30 minutes, add 6 or 9 publications.
    Further, some accounts after adding publications or at the time of publication may be asked to SMS, again confirmed.
    When you have uploaded all the pictures again, put your accs in relax.
    After hours have passed, begin to slowly warm up accounts by like celebrity photos in large part, but do not make more than 20 likes from 1 account.
    After this operation, put your accs in relax for 6 hours, then start to subscribe to subscribers of celebrities, the main thing that you have chosen a celebrity who has 5-6 million accounts that subscribers were active as much as possible.
    Make 30 folllow from all your accs.
    Put your accs in relax, better 12 hours, but it is possible and it is 6 hours.
    Begin to gradually increase the number of likes and subscriptions, day after day, perhaps, your account will be ban, but it is necessary to go through to get the result.
    It is advisable to bring your account up to 1000-1200 subscriptions.
    Then fill these accounts fully (description + link) and make an unfollow.
    How to fill accounts I will write later.

    How setup aged accs?
    It should start with rebinding mail. After the purchase of aged accs, manually go into each account from a browser, you can not even use a proxy, verify accounts by mail, if required, and then change the email address on your e-mails, so it is desirable to immediately change the login account and change the avatar.
    If there posts- u can delete posts, and add their own, the delays 5-15 randomly between publications.
    Give a rest after the publication of the account 12 hours, then make a 200 MF and 100 likes, and again put to relax an 6 hours.
    Then you can fill it with links and other information, there is a need to sms-verification, confirm.

    As you can see, working with aged accs easier in the first stage, but I would still recommend that you use newbie accs.

    How to fill in your account, and most importantly what should be a link and description?
    U need more unique photos!
    How? I used XnConverter program apply different effects to each photo, it works well.
    Make unique desciptions with text-uniques soft fro example:
    {Hi | Hello} well, you understand.
    Avoid spam words such as nudes here, click, follow, sex and everything in this spirit. Use other, neutral words.
    Be sure to use Emoji, but do not put them too much and often.
    Links, the best kloack it for Instagram bots. Use any tracker for that matter (I do not know, let there bhw names of programs and services, not whether I am banned for this?).
    1 domain, use a maximum of 15 references and a maximum of 15 accounts!
    Ideally, there should be as follows:
    100 accounts, this
    100 unique avatars
    100 unique descriptions
    100 links from Gone bot (and about 7 domains)
    600 unique photos for posting to your account.
    Account must be free by spam words.
    Also you can just make your account closed, and you will not need to post in each account 6 photos, for example.

    If you like the way I write, I write so every day in this topic any information about instagram.
    Sorry for my English level

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    This is great information and people can learn a lot from it.
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    Work on your english more, a lot of what you have written here is confusing and only makes other people more confused so its not really helping much, for example:
    "you can not even use a proxy" I think you mean "you do not need to use a proxy" and if you mean that I do not agree.

    "kloack" I dont know what you mean here.
    "Use any tracker for that matter" I think you mean or similar trackers? If so dont agree here either since they have a high ban rate for spam accounts. (flagged by instagram)
    "1 domain, use a maximum of 15 references and a maximum of 15 accounts!" 1 domain for 15 accounts is asking for trouble, I really dont recommend doing this. also what do you mean by references?

    its a start but your english needs a lot of work.
    work on writing projects for yourself to improve your english and writing skills before giving out advice (that in my opinion is flawed)
  5. AlexOvodov

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    How many accs in work now? Every day i'm login in 20-30 accounts without proxy with browser, everything is okay.

    Cloack lins it mean u redirect bots from instagram to 404 page or white site, and traffic from real people u redirect to offer.
    For example kaitaro tda or cpatracker, u dont know what is it?)
    create link with your domain with tracker and everything will be okay.

    Yes, my English is very bad, this will not even argue.