How will you quit your full time job?


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Dec 1, 2012
I already imagine the day that I will show up at the office at 10am with glasses, white shirt and black pants and in hand only my dismissal letter and smartphone.
I arrive, put the letter on the boss's desk and say 'Adioss'. :smirk:

All of this as soon as one of my sites starts taking home the money I make from my full time jobs. :D:D
I never worked a full-time job before but that must feel good af, good luck with your new journey.
I did and it felt like newborn. I got lucky in affiliate marketing after that , 3 years later buyed a apartment ,a mercedes and my life changed that day i left.If i didnt leave i think i still be there working by minimal wage .I earned for 4 years like i worked 20 years a job.Never stop huslin guys.
Currently working as a SEO specialist full time. Working on my first affiliate website right now. It is really hard to get out of the office, and going straight back to work after a 8 hour shift. I will get there tho, and hope to get out of my 9 - 5 by the end of next year.
Walking out the front door with my head held high
But that will be after thanking my co-workers, my managers and my colleagues who helped me grow both professionally and personally :)
I currently have 40 days of annual (holiday) leave and am approaching what is called Long Service Leave which is an additional 8 week leave.

In an ideal world, I'd apply to use all my leave in the one hit, take a massive holiday and then the day I get back into the office, give my resignation letter.
I worked a full time job, 16 hour days in consulting, alot of money, but when the hours were finished, i found it hard to switch mindsets. I had to quit once i got some savings together.

On workdays i would be on weekend mindset, then weekends il be in the psyche of a work week. You cant be two different people if that's not you.
"Work" should be "Productive", and you not an "employee", but an "individual", so being productive should be fluid, we're only human, not stuck in a corporate structure where you're jumping into different shoes when the clock strikes.

My mindset of fluid productivity erases the barrier of work and play, and i always intertwine both. I feel relief im free to do what i want, but also comforted to know i'm being product and my life has meaning.
I've been self employed for years now, i don't even think about money, i just think of how useful i can be, what i can create, what the next step is etc. And all of a sudden, any of that employment anxiety and interviews, completely gone, way more confident :)

The way i did this was REALLY simple (& lucky to have the opportunity), used the skillsets i was farmed to do from my employment, reached out to some prior contacts/connections that wanted the same industry standard services, put a public entity (my company) in place of me, now i work on subset of commitments with colleagues, im at eye to eye level with my clients which is way more motivating than being at the bottom of the chain etc, So thats literally it
Don't get too hang on the resignation day mate. Yes, it might feel good for you but none really gives a f*ck and you will be quickly replaced.
Instead, focus on yourself and on your own well-being. Many people quit their well-paid jobs only to end up working more for their own business and tbh it doesn't always work out.
I'll take a big fat steaming dump on my chair.... and leave a postit note saying "Thanks for all the good times."

jk... I already work for myself. Never quitting my job as the CEO of me.
i did that 1.5yrs back..

man i was tired of overworking in wfh..

once u found a method which works for you, just give your 100%
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