How well does the spintax method work?

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    Hello everybody, I have a bunch question regarding the spintax technique.
    Let's say we have a few sites that use some presentation texts like:
    "welcome to our generic website, please register and give us your money!"

    From an seo perspective, how much would it help to spin that description just to fool
    the google algorithm into thinking the website is not dead, but its actually changing its content.
    The spun text would look like this this and it would randomize every time you refresh the page:
    "welcome to our {generic website|cool site|awesome page}, please {register|sign up|sign in} and give us your money!"
    - this is just a quick example, the actual descriptions would be larger and more complex as well as the spinning of the texts.

    These websites I'm talking about are not blogs or sites that produce content. They are something in the lines of a dating website that need a description.

    Would this technique harm the website's rank and performance if the text is rotated in this manner and would be better just to
    keep a static written description?
    Thanks for your time - John

    I forgot to share a vital information about this:
    These websites are using about 6 sub-pages that use the exact description from the HP, so there is the worry of duplicate content as well, that's why I'm considering this spin text technique.
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