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[How To] Writing your own spin syntax, sometimes it's the way to go...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Furious George, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Furious George

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    Dec 13, 2012
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    I'm slowly learning the lingo and the knowledge this place has to offer.

    I was looking into article generation.
    I've found sometimes it's better to take a few hours and right your own syntax.
    A lot less stuff is flagged as um... not good... if you do it yourself.
    If you don't know how, you should take a minute to do read this. Basically, you need to come up with synonyms that match the words in your sentences so you can put them together in any random order and the sentence comes our readable, and not like a machine wrote it. You will get better results if it's done perfectly.

    The dog jumped up the tree.

    I used a spin syntax program I have, and the spin generated is this:
    {The dog|Your dog|Canine|Your new puppy|Pet} {jumped|leaped|hopped|dived|leaped amazingly} {up the|in the|the} {tree|sapling|shrub|woods|pine}.
    I spun it once, and it produced this:
    Pet jumped up the shrub.

    I know you guys are writing articles, not just sentences... so like I said, this takes a few hours. But clearly, you can see that sometimes it just doesn't come out right. Here's what I do:

    I start with the first two words or the first subject in the sentence. In this case, The dog. What are some of the synonyms of dog, that still define an actual 4 legged dog? In this case, the pet probably won't work. Lets go with dog, puppy, doggy, hound, pooch. For "the".. you have to think to end of the article. Is it written in the first person, or 3rd? There's not much you can do with the, except your or my. But you don't want to use my, if the rest of the article isn't in the 1st person. Sometimes you can't spin anything, like the word "and". It's not the same as "or" or "but"... but those mean 3 completely different things, and are the only basic conjunctions.

    For now, the spin looks like this:
    {The|Your|My} {dog|puppy|doggy|hound|pooch}
    Just from that, you have 15 possible combinations of a way to start the sentence, and the permutations grow exponentially from there. See how it's already looking way better? And it's much better than having a program write an obviously false article, IMO. I've been using a free article spinner online to generate the articles (after the spin is produced, and thesaurus to get synonyms.)

    Another really awesome thing I just found out, is that you can syntax the spin syntax. This makes even more permutations, and creates an even smaller chance of you getting flagged for automation.

    That works by basically using the brackets and breaks to give it two choices. You'll have {{spin syntax group one}|{spin syntax group two}} This will choose either the first group of syntax and spin that group, OR the second! So you could write two completely different articles about the same thing, or promote two different sites about the same thing, or whatever. And I'm sure you can add as many groups to that as you want.

    I really love making beautiful, perfect spin syntax. This takes a lot of patience, and attention to detail. It's time consuming, but you only have to do it once, and it's well worth the effort. By the way, I don't even know what this | symbol is, or how to type it, but you need it to break the words. I just copy and paste it every time.

    If it's been talked about before.... SORRY. I hope this helps someone!
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  2. moonlighsunligh

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    May 1, 2010
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    Yes that is called manual spinning and most people do that for Tier1.