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How to Write the PERFECTTT Amazon Review That Makes You a TON of $

Discussion in 'Copywriting & Sales Persuasion' started by Jared255, Sep 8, 2015.

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    There is a big difference between a product review... and a product review that STACKS YOU CASH through Amazon's affiliate program. Putting regular reviews on your site will result in ordinary earnings. Crafting a review that's geared towards clicks and conversions will result in above average all the way to "holy sh*t!" earnings.

    This is your guide to "holy sh*t!" earnings through Amazon's affiliate program. Follow the guidelines below and you'll find that your reviews do one thing, and one thing only: funnel traffic to Amazon for the immediate sale. This results in substantial affiliate checks, even if your Amazon assets don't get that much traffic in the first place.

    (If you need a guide on setting up Amazon sites, a BHW member named Nick Flame wrote a great guide here.)

    Your goal is actually not the "perfect" review!

    The best product review will not make you the most money! Let's say you're reviewing a piece of technology. If you go over every single feature and break down everything, your review will turn into 2,000+ words. Think about the product reviews you see on TechCrunch, etc.

    Not only is this approach expensive (in terms of either time or money), but it's not remotely effective when clicks and conversions are concerned. The reader doesn't care about every single feature - he or she cares about whether or not the product is right for him or her. When the reader sees your review is absurdly long, you can expect him or her to click back to a competitor who is more condensed, organized, and relevant.

    Instead, follow this process to craft not the perfect review, but the review that will create the most money out of your traffic. FYI, I always recommend Amazon reviews be between 700 and 800 words. In my opinion, this is the perfect balance of affordability, substance, and user experience.

    The 9 Step Playbook for Amazon Reviews

    1 Determine the target audience for the product

    Let's assume our product is futons. If you look on Amazon, you'll see that there are a ton of futons, each one differing in price, features, etc.

    On a broad scale, all futon customers want one thing: a couch that you can sleep on. On a more specific level, futon customers vary wildly in what they're each looking for.

    • Some might be looking for the cheapest couch possible - college kids, people on a budget, people with kids who know the couches are going to get ruined, etc.
    • Some might be looking for a quality futon, even though they have to pay more - adults with money to spend, people who will be using the futon in prominent areas of their houses, etc.

    Your goal is to appeal to the target demographic of your product - not necessarily futon buyers in general. Broke college kids aren't going to be buying $500 futons, and someone who just spent a couple hundred thousand dollars on a house isn't going to be filling it with a $100 futon. If you try to appeal to people who aren't in your target audience, you're making the review less relevant and persuasive to the people who will actually be buying the products you're talking about. Get it?

    Okay. Jot down a quick list of what the product's target audience is looking for. Keep that next to you when you begin the actual writing. If this seems like a long process, don't worry - as you write more and more Amazon reviews, thinking of these things will become second nature.

    2 Get a list of features to write about

    If you were writing the iPhone 6 review for a major tech news outlet, you wouldn't take such a cookie cutter approach to reviewing a product. But remember, these aren't "perfect reviews" - they're utilitarian reviews that will make you money.

    Many products won't have that many features you can talk about. That's okay. Create 2-4 headers for the positive features. You can combine features into categories - for example, in our futon example, we talk about "High-End Construction", and the subheaders are "stainless steel frame", "polished oak wood", and "attractive cushion colorings".

    3 Tell the feature, then analyze the feature

    Many writers make the mistake of going crazy on the facts and not giving the user any information past that. Remember, the user is looking for value - if the only value you're providing is objective, the reader will see no point in reading (you're not giving him anything the Amazon product page can't, after all).

    Instead, tell what the feature is in 1-3 sentences of thorough explanation, then follow that paragraph up with 1-3 sentences of analysis on the feature, how it stacks up to other products in the same class, why the feature is important, etc.

    The analysis is your chance to make the reader say "oh, this is perfect for me". Relate to him or her on a personal level (from what you learned in step 1 (determining target audience)) and you will win the click/conversion to Amazon.

    4 After the good features, touch on the negatives and turn them into positives

    Yeah, you want the visitor to click through and buy the product. The best way to do that isn't by hyping up the product to no end, though. That would be trying to convince the reader to buy. Rather, you want to make the reader realize that he or she wants to buy. No one likes a pushy salesman.

    All products have their downsides, but they're only downsides if they're seen as downsides. Take a few downsides and turn them into positives. For example, if our product were a cheap futon, we might say "it's a basic look - but for some types of apartments and houses, that's perfect," or "users have reported a bit of squeaking, but considering everything else the futon has to offer, we think the positives far outweigh this one minor negative".

    5 Wrap everything together and make sure the piece flows logically

    You can't write paragraphs individually and then just plop them into a review one after another. A product review is still a piece of writing - you have to make sure everything reads just as well as an ordinary piece of content would.

    I can't do much to help you with this aspect of the process - basically, work on your writing and your reviews will read better as a result of that.

    6 Write your intros and outros

    Do them last so you actually know what's inside your content. Again, writing intros and outros relies more on writing skill than it does a set process, but doing them last will help you create catchy ones that are actually relevant to the rest of the piece.

    Writing them beforehand will result in generic BS - this is what you will see if you read an ordinary Amazon review. Your intro and outro should help you, not hurt you.

    7 Insert your stealthy click-throughs (EXCLUSIVE)

    You probably have banners and comparison tables on your Amazon affiliate website, but are you getting to readers when they're in the thick of it? Can you peak curiosity about the product by mentioning something... then conveniently linking the reader to Amazon to learn more?

    I'm going to stop here because this is one of the great secrets to maximizing Amazon affiliate traffic. But I will give you one very basic example to get your mind racing:

    "The futon frame isn't black, but it's not quite gray, either. Click here to see the full picture set - we think the combination of the two colors makes it match with almost any interior design."

    8 Read it over and put yourselves in the shoes of your target audience

    Are you convinced by your own review?

    If you're not, go back to the drawing board. The #1 easiest way to edit your reviews is by reading them aloud and pretending you're pitching to someone who is in the same room as you. If you come across anything that sounds "off", you know to pay attention and go back to that part. Again, no one likes a pushy salesman.

    9 Publish and BANK

    Does this seem like a lot of work? It is. To write a good review, you have to take the time to sit down and actually do it.

    But the results are worth it. If you're writing yourself, it's a small time investment to make a lot more money in the future. If you're hiring someone like me to write your content, it's a small monetary investment to make a lot more money in the future. Publishing mediocre reviews is starting off on the wrong foot - period!


    I think that's about it. If you were looking for a template to use or anything of that nature, sorry - there's more to it than that. But the above guidelines should be a very solid foundation for you to work off of. Good luck. If you have any questions feel free to ask below and I will reply to everyone. And if you're in the market for Amazon reviews, remember to think Boston Hype.
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    Very good guide, I guess this level of attention to detail is what sets the winning site apart from the other 1000 sites that are offering (almost) the same service.
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    Love the real example at the end, putting what you say into practice.

    Good structure for writing a review, should definitely provide food for thought for those in the sector.
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    The trick to writing a good performing review is to leave out bits of info so that the reader almost has to click through.

    Good guide that.

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    I should add, for example, a tricky title for the review hehe, it always help to increase your CTR
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    Perfect Guide mate:top:. We will learn a lot from this kind of posts here. Keep continue such constructive posts at this forum.
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    Ya aunties crib
    crazy how people aren't all over this thread! great info
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    Hi guys, hope you will answer my question. Do you know any software or bot that I can write a review on amazon for my client? or do you know anyone who can write reviews on amazon? Thank you.