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    I see so many bad titles in bhw. I hate spending my valuable time on clicking a title, thinking I about to learn something new, when it turns out the the person who made the thread, is asking a question, I mean I dont mine helping, but my time is valuable. You are showing respect to other people and you probably get a lot more help. Some people have slow internet connection (I have it at work on my cell), so we hate waiting forever then it just a question.

    For example this thread

    I was expecting how to make money from a website, instead of I need help.. I could give a lot more examples.

    1) If you are asking a question use "ask", or put a ? mark at the end of sentence. You notice in my title, I ask I put how, but in this case I am telling something instead of asking a question, so that is ok. Who, what, where, how and why are usually questions, so put a question mark.
    2) also if you need help, you should put "I need help with a blog", instead of "I need help" be specific. You get a lot more views than "I need help".

    3) to noobs, if you need money do a search of the forum. Spend a day going through everything. It hard to make 100 dollars or even 10 dollars within the next few days and get paid for it. Most companies pay every week, every 2 weeks and even a month. Also if you need help with something do a search. Bhw is a few years old and a lot of great advice here from top notch people. I read somewhere that bhw has 30,000 members.

    If anybody has anything else to add on how to improve the titles and so fourth.

    Mods I think this should be sticky