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How to work smarter - target your traffic

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by bmminc, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. bmminc

    bmminc Regular Member

    Nov 29, 2014
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    I've seen people mention this, and recently read a blog post about this, but I felt like I wanted to elaborate on this as it has helped me out.

    What i'm talking about:
    Your target customer

    If your traffic is age 18-25 single males and you are trying to sell them books on how to cure yeast infections then...


    It may seem straight forward, but what a lot of people do is very basic, and not organized at all.
    You need to get organized! It will help you get SO MANY more ideas!

    *Disclaimer, i'm not spending a lot of time on this guide. Im writing this while I'm scraping some keywords that I found using this type of mindset.
    Step 1.
    Write down your traffic sources.

    Be specific. Don't just write down "social media". Write down "Facebook groups" or "Twitter followers and re-tweets".
    You want to have the most detailed idea of where your traffic is coming from. If you don't know where you are going to get traffic, then you can still use the process, but you will then have to find out where to get your preferred target customer based on your results.

    Step 2.
    Make a spreadsheet.

    Go to google docs and make a spreadsheet specifically for this. On your main page you will want to have all of the information about the average person who will see your offer.
    For example, if you are targeting facebook groups about making money, then you will want to browse the groups, and interact with them for a while before you start spamming them.
    Figure out the average age, average gender, what their job types are, how much they make, what kinds of other interests do they have? Basically, make a fake person who has all of the average qualities and interest as your audience.
    Write out all of this information in your spreadsheet.

    Step 3.
    Create categories.

    On you main spreadsheet page, include a section about the general categories that your target customer is interested in.
    This is a step a lot of people don't take advantage of. For example, again if we are targeting "making money" facebook groups, and we may find our average audience is male, ages 18 to 25, in college, on scholarships, wears name brand clothing, single, ect and so on.
    Now think, what other categories might interest this person?
    He is single, busy with school, dresses well, and has some money in the bank. It is fair to say he might be interested in dating hookups, new technology, and alcohol.
    (Just possible examples, I'm not doing actual research for you.)

    The POINT, is that while you are targeting "making money" facebook groups, you need to realize that these people are NOT 1 dimensional. You can throw out a dating ad, new iphone ad, or direct them to a "man" site about "bro lifehacks".

    Arrange these into categories like: Technology, Dating, and Mancave.

    Step 4.
    Expand those categories.

    As an example, take the technology category and break it down as specific as you can. What type of tech does your target customer use? Iphones, latops, PC, android, Facebook apps, eCigs, and so on. Make as long of a list as you can of these sub categories. Really dive in and pretend you are this person. Imagine an entire week in their mind. They are taking college classes 5 days a week, they have weekends off that they may or may not be using for social activities. Really get in their head.

    Step 5.
    Put it all together.

    Take a look over all of the information you have just compiled. You can now pick a subcategory like "tinder hookups". You can then see that this particular guy is interested in finding a hookup, most likely on the weekend, and may be interested in the bar scene. Figure out what times of the day he would be accessible or looking for this offer, and how much he may be willing to pay.
    Friday around 4pm rolls around and he hasn't found shit to do. So he gets on his facebook to hit up someone, and wait...whats that? This facebook group he is a member of just posted about a new hookup app that has local chicks looking for guys just like him! Yes please...and then you got yourself a conversion.

    So there you have it. Doing this seemingly obvious thing will really help you get into the head of your target customer and realize even though your main goal might be to get them to buy "money making" products, they may also buy "dating" services from you. Now you can expand that to fit in your traffic source and niche. Really think outside the box on ways to capture, entertain, and sell to your traffic.

    ***Using this method I was just able to find about 10 keywords that have almost zero competition for some offers I can sell in the time it took to write this short post.
    A few of them: keywords.jpg
    Hopefully someone finds this useful.
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  2. ChanzGrande

    ChanzGrande Elite Member

    Feb 16, 2008
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    Northern Woods Counting Money
    Definitely see some implications for this solid information. FB example at the end might be hard simply because obvious spam will red flag in almost any super popular group. The real value here though bmminc is in the abstract thought processes one can develop to see lateral/vertical marketing opportunities. One can definitely see this in the light of niche mining opportunity as well just as you demonstrated in your keyword scraping.

    Hope the thread gains some interest and traction. It's well thought out and delivered content - especially given that you basically threw it together. Way to go.
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  3. bmminc

    bmminc Regular Member

    Nov 29, 2014
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    Thanks. I appreciate it :)
  4. Ch3Mik

    Ch3Mik Registered Member

    Apr 10, 2015
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    Nice share OP, in fact I use something similar to dissect potential buyers :)

    "To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy." ~ (Sun Tzu)
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  5. sinan492

    sinan492 Junior Member

    Jan 12, 2015
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    Thanks. great bro