How to withdraw paypal money untraced?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by mnemonic9, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Dear fellow BHW members.
    I have read another topic here (Untraceable paypal and ebay topic) which gave me some ideas regarding "cheating" Ebay with payments.
    I guess everyone had problems with paypal, especially with ebay.
    My current problem is that i live in Europe now and i have approx 5000 usd on my paypal account. I had some account suspensions, chargebacks, etc on my ebay (had some very bad experience with crazy buyers) so right now i would need:
    1. A pre-paid card which supports direct deposits and accepts paypal (so i can transfer my paypal money to the card and cash out in an ATM for instance).
    Does anybody know a card type in Europe which knows this? I googled it and found nothing. Even a card from any country would be fine i guess. Maybe an already activated nfinanse.

    Anyone any ideas? Thanks.