How to win big with skincare affiliate marketing

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    Hi all,

    I've been lurking around BHW for some time. Can't say enough how much I've learnt from this community. I've had some success with offline marketing - I'm able to do it full time. Right now I'm moving on to something new - e-commerce for skincare products. Not digital products, as in cold hard bottles with serums and creams and stuff.

    I'm finding it hard to marketing through PPC and SEO though. I've hired an adwords guy to help with managing our PPC campaigns. So far it's been around two weeks and not a single sale. The budget for that is $600/month. $20/day. Is this normal? Sales with PPC is slower than I expected.

    I've also gotten another guy to help with SEO/press releases etc. The press releases I tried positioning them as newsworthy with intention for it to go semi-viral/create hype. Again, response has not been very good. I'm planning to market them offline next, as I'll explain later. SEO, needless to say, is probably gonna take a few months before we see concrete results.

    I've set up an affiliate program in my latest bid. 10% recurring commissions. I'm thinking of engaging pure commission offline/online salespeople to create some word of mouth. Gonna equip them with product brochures/write ups/sales copies/sensational press releases as mentioned earlier so they have an easier time convincing the rest. I guess I don't need experienced online marketers with too much technical skills. Anyone who is able to convince another to try our product can do the job. Doesn't matter online or offline. Traditional or groundbreaking.

    Any advice on how I can engage more of such affiliates? How can we scale? Or is this plan even sound? Btw I've tried getting our products on those huge affiliate networks like CJ/Rakuten etc. Most of them rejected me. Just one approval from a smaller network. It's still processing after a week. The other few that granted further discussions is taking too long to get things running, in my opinion. I still have them in my pipeline but I'm trying new ways to get sales. Fast.

    Any advice appreciated.