How to Use Your Verticals to Rank (for newbies)

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    Using verticals to rank simply means making use of images, videos, and news to rank well on search engines. Here are some ideas on how to rank from any of these:

    Videos: Videos are so popular these days, that going viral with any of your videos posted on youtube, metacafe, dailymotion, veoh, etc will likely increase your traffic.

    Just remember to place metadata on your video, describing your video and of course your keywords.

    Images: spiders are also looking at the file name of your image. So instead of 70001.jpg, rename it to yourkeyword.jpg. You MUST also include an ALT attribute when an image does not display. It's an image for users who are using screen readers as well. Spiders read and index alt attributes as well. An example of an HTML image is somewhat like this:

    <img source="yourkeyword.jpg" ALT="anotherkeywordtodescribe">

    A short descriptive phrase for your ALT attribute will help, but don't go overboard.

    News: Getting news published may not be that easy. You basically have to submit or have a Press release written for a PR company. You can choose from reliable PR sites like SBwire or PRwebdirect, etc.

    After your PR is submitted, other available news agency are able to pick up and publish this, increasing your company exposure, and at the same time, increasing your traffic.

    It will show on the news section of Google. You can even check out who picks your news by simply creating a free Google alert (google this) whereby you can input your keywords or company name and then Google will just email you when a PR similar to what you input shows on the web.

    Hopefully these few tips will help you rank some of your verticals!