How to use xrumer in low speed net connection


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Feb 12, 2008
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i want to know about xrumer using tips.i have very low net speed . only 5 kbps..yes only 5 low using GPRS connection...but inform me if you want to use xrumer is fast speed how can i do this..?
is it possible to use xrumer from hosting server / dedicated server ? if yes then inform how to do that?
You need a dedicated server, there is a post on this forum that explains how to set that up.
ok..thanks ..
where can i get a dedicated server at lower cost and high speed..?
pls reffer me some one..
also pls post the link of the post you mentioned.
here you can find nice servers: webtropia dot com
Site is in german but don't worry they speak english. You can get there windows server with virtual pulpit, so you can use it as your own pc. When you have it, you can install there whatever you want.
well if they are german thay are based in europe. try to get one Usa based. faster for you (I think you are from usa lol)
Any one running the application on desktop pc with 2Mb line
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