[HOW TO] Use The Built-In Ping List Feature on wordpress

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    Hello there,

    I just want to share something very usefull for people who are using wordpress.

    With this method you'd be able to rank your new post in minutes. Personally, when i publish an article, it is in google in 2 minutes waiting to increase position in SERP. I used an auto tweet plugin in order to create an entry but you can use onlywire, hellotxt, or even pixel pipes to increase results.

    1) Download MBP Ping Optimizer :
    This plugin allow you to optimize mass pinging avoiding to wait for ages that your post is published. WIthout it, it can take around 10 minutes to publish.

    2) Set it up through FTP and activate it.

    3) Go to settings and add the list below :

    That's it :). Each time you publish wordpress is going to ping those links to notice them that there are some updates on your blogs and that they need to be crawled again.

    ATTENTION : Don't over-publish or over-use this feature or you are going to be banned from these ping services and you'll loose the effect.

    NB : With such an method, if you publish about some new buzz, you'll be ranked at the top of recent searches from google. I used this method to drive traffic to my blog with apple Keynotes (RIP) for exemple and very few minutes after publishing, i noticed some tremendious amount of traffic.
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