How to use someone elses social proof for your landing page/blog/website

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    I'm currently changing some of the url structure I have on a website I recently purchased to help improve the onsite SEO, while doing this I've been looking for a method of keeping the post and pages likes/tweet/and google + counts active on the new url...

    While doing this I came across this very interesting little article on how easy this can be, showing a counter from one page onto a different page:

    The implications of being able to find a popular page somewhere on the internet, with a high count of any one of the social media counters and being able to have it actively and live display on any page you wanted to lend social proof to people that land on your page, just blew my mind...

    Imagine someone coming to your landing page and seeing that it has 1403 Facebook likes, 435 tweets, and 251 Google + and then when they come back the next time those numbers have gone up organically... Each of these counters can come from a different site!!!

    Now please keep in mind this does not help your pages SEO you are just displaying another pages counters without using iframes or anything like that, but it can help with pushing that on the fence person about your offering over to becoming someone that purchases from you.

    I have not tested this personally, nor do I need to use it in the context I've just laid out... But I thought some here may find a use for such an idea or a variation there of...

    Good luck with it. And be sure to use responsibly, or irresponsibly at your discretion.