How to use proxies? Don't laugh :)


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Jul 20, 2008
Yeah I know....

Although I'm into internet marketing for almost two years now I haven't used proxies. I barely know why I should use them. :)

I recently discovered a few BH tools on this forum which require proxies to be effective. What proxies do you guys use?

I had some proxy site once. That was a cracked program with a lot of proxy addresses. Why are some proxies for money? Where do I know if my proxy is active?

Thanks for enlightening me :cow_yello
Maybe take a look here:
I've just set up a private proxy on my VPS here :


It's guaranteed to be a private proxy, not listed on proxy sites or blacklists etc, cos I just registered the IP a couple of days ago. Any comments would be appreciated.
thanks i like glype proxys did have my own but webhost didnt like it lol
you can try
web-proxies are not well suited for any black hat stuff!
They can not hide your real IP and every admin can see you used a proxy.

Use them in schools or when you want to reach sites from your work, not for seo

Advisory with detailed info is here:
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