How to use great KW group to attract visitors to competing product/service

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Punch-ur-Soul, Jan 17, 2012.

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    FYI: I am REALLY new to KW research and not normally interested in niche-CPA/affiliate marketing, but stumbled across this possible opportunity.

    I created some web properties as part of a SEO project for our company site. Some of these properties are starting to rank well for company/products that are in our industry, but not affiliated with our company. None of the properties run ads - the sites are used for content/seo links only.

    I noticed that one content site already ranks for one company/product (the company and product are the same name). In G, a KW research shows:

    Competition = Low
    Global Monthly = 4M+
    Local Monthly = 1M+
    Avg CPC = $1.50 - $6

    Since I already rank well and get some traffic already, my first thought was to register as an affiliate with the company and tweak the content for conversions. Nope! The company does not have an affiliate program.

    So my next thought is to redirect these visitors to a competitor that does have an affiliate program. Some of the top phrases for this KW include "alternative", "review" and "help".

    Thoughts? I figure since the site is ranking and getting traffic - maybe I can monetize it?