How to use fake facebook acc of hot girl

Jul 14, 2015
Hello. How to use fake facebook hot girl acc (looks very realistic with lots of photos and thousands of likes and comments) with maximum friends and hundreds of perverts messages every day? lol. I mean I though I make them register to chaturbate or some other affiliate but facebook doesn't allow to post links like that in messages... Is there are some other ways to make profit from it?
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Get a new domain, (get a free one) and cloak affiliate link and share that site on FB. That might help. :)
You have two options:

1. Add as many guys from your area as possible and try to get free pizza

2. Try to sell the account
Put together an entertainment website. There is tons of viral content that you can use. You can include your adult offers within articles, or as ads in the sidebar. You can also slap adsence on the website as well. Make a FB page and a FB group (start adding your contacts to the group and invite them to like the page). Promote each publication on yourwebsite through your profile timeline, on your FB page and in the group you have created. Mix it up with other viral content (videos and images mostly). Develop more accounts like your first one and promote your content through those. You can send some descent traffic to your stuff this way.
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