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how to use Bing ads multiple account and coupon

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Shimanto, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. Shimanto

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    Nov 1, 2016
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    Hi. BHW Member.
    Finally i found how to use bing multiple ads account.
    i am using bluestaks player.

    How to use Bing ads multiple account ?
    -> VPS or Bluestacks and Oracle Virtual Box
    -> Unique email
    -> Private Proxy
    -> Every time use different address or different domain and landing page text, picture.
    -> Also you need Bing VCC

    How to get bing coupon for free?
    You need:
    -> Ccleaner
    -> Unique email
    -> Unique Google maps location
    -> Unique proxy / vpn location.

    Bing will email the vouchers after 3-7 days.

    i am not allow to put the coupon link cos is against BHW TOS

    if you need more help about bing ads. PM me.