How to use AMS 4.2 or any bulk emailer with Bulk gmail accounts? Multiple SMTP?

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    Hi All,

    I want to increase my inboxing rate like everyone else. I want to buy 500-1000 gmail accounts per week. And I want to sent about 50-100 emails from each of those accounts.

    The question I have is how would I use AtomicMailSernder with these bulk accounts?

    I assume everyone doing this type of mass emailing is using a program like AMS with a list of the GMAIL/SMTP accounts?

    If so, I'm aware that AMS lets us, load alist of SMTP server into it, but there is ZERO documentation on how to do this? What is the syntax require dfor that import?

    Also, if this isn't the most popular method of using bulk gmail account, what method/software most people using? And what is the popular method of using these accounts?

    Thanks in advance!