How to unfollow the ones that dont follow me?


Mar 28, 2015
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Hey All,

today I reached the maximum of following 5000 users. I want to know if there is a simple solution to unfollow users, that dont follow me?

Another question would be, if there is any better way to grow the amount of users following me?

Till today I followed 200 people every day and started to make 50 postings from 0-21 o'clock and 50 postings from 21-0 to attract more people to my niche.
More than 10% of the 200 people followed me back.
I cant find with xkit an out-of-the-box solution either. i guess this "Follower Checker" was the extension you Honoutenshi were talking about. But it seems that this will not be provided anymore, as the FAQ of XKit tells us:

Where is the Follower Checker? Can you bring it back?
It was removed because of technical as well as legal reasons, since I can not afford a lawyer, it won't make a comeback.
A post about it can be found here.

Other solutions anyone?
I don't know about the other popular tumblr bots (xtumble / followliker / err the other one I forget, becomes with a p) I imagine so, as it is a basic feature so you'd have to contact them.

Anyway, Tumblingjazz can unfollow users that don't follow you back. BST thread for Tumblingjazz
This is so easy, like going to Hell! Just use Tweepi, ha, ha!
no simple and free tool out there?

anyone can recommend any good general scripting tool / app to do jobs like this?
if there isn't any ready-made tool, i'm pretty sure you can make one for yourself with not too big effort, just use imacros for instance

record a macro of you doing the unfollowing manually, incorporate the "if x element found on the page then do that" java statement into the macro to unfollow only those peeps who don't follow you back and protect mutual followers, randomize the delays between 2 unfollows and play the macro in loop

if you aren't familiar with imacros, you can find everything you need in their wiki or solutions for specific needs on stackoverflow
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