how to tweak my autoblog?


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Jul 26, 2010
Sorry if this is a simple question. Am just getting started on autoblogging, using WP robot with the amazon module.Here's what I'm doing.

(1) All in one SEO, and targeted niche keywords throughout.
(2) Posts every 2 hours with amazon product
(3) Have signed up to blogtopsites, blogtoplist, topblogging etc
(4) Building backlinks using SB

I guess these are the baby steps. But how else can I increase traffic, and increase the effectiveness of the blog? Would really appreciate some tips on this.
Consider how much content your providing per blog post, posting heavy content will help generate long tail search traffic as well as push harder at ranking the phrases you have density for.
Make sure you dont run out of amazon products too quick. Maybe buy another module (I like youtube) and post videos since there are far more videos than products.
Sites like this Google dont link it and call it "ThinAffiliate" cuz its not providing any helpfull information for the visetors. My advice for you to MIX booth articles with Amazon its will be more better if those articles are a review of a related nich product. Google LOVE information and hate affiliate.
I have a similar setup to what you're doing however followed the Shezboy method.

On top of Amazon offers I also add articles from Articlesbase, Youtube videos and a couple of Google News RSS Feeds.

When my Amazon ads aren't on the page my Adsense ads are.

I also aim to (that if all the posts ever fell on the same day) have a maximum of 20-25 posts per blog in any one day, this helps with staying under my server limitations.

If I build enough blogs to meet my maximum on my server and I'm making enough money, I'll upgrade my hosting account or look for a second account with another provider.

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Thanks. Makes sense to please google by broadening from merely amazon products. However, this will make it less attractive by a long way to visitors. At the moment, people know what they're getting. Any post offers a niche related product, but by adding other things this may change.... I could perhaps post articles etc, but not on the homepage?
If you make yourself a set of vague sentences where the name of a amazon product can be filled in, you can cycle through this content database you have, and have bulk content to go with each new product post. A safe and automatic solution if you take the time to build some quality sentences.
Nice idea SEOwm - would take some ingenuity to make it credible. For me, I'd rather have a semi auto blog with full credibility than one I can leave entirely and which falls apart at a close look. Will mull upon this....
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