How to track redirected traffic?

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    Hi guys/gals,

    I want to to track my traffic which I am redirecting to my affiliate ID. Suppose I have a domain name com and I have added it as an add-on domain at my Hostgator server. At Hostgator I have redirected this domain to my affiliate ID but now I am unable to track "AW stats". It don't display unique IP's which it redirects to my affiliate ID. It only shows raw HTTP visits. it don't display each unique IP and the day when it visited..

    I have talked with Hostgator customer support ant they are saying I need to host that site on my server.. Holla but how? I am not the owner of the site I am just an affiliate with them. I am sure here you ppl doing same thing could you help me how can I track each IP whoever visits my domain and redirect to my affiliate ID?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Send all your clicks through something like prosper202.

    It will show you the IP, time and add a SUBID so that you can import conversions from your network and find out exactly which keywords/users converted.

    It can also cloak your links and can blank referrers.

    Read more about prosper 202 features, it is a pretty badass free webapp.
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