How To Test Affiliate Links For Non Cloaking

Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by kingz1122, Jul 2, 2009.

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    I need some site/program that can be a fake affiliate link for testing. I'm using some flash stuffing but before I go live I need to know what the affiliate companies would see.

    So what I would do is run my flash stuff with the url but then I need to know what they are seeing. I'm trying to use a custom referrer and blanking is not good here.

    Any ideas?
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    Well, I would try using this service, they have a free service as well as a paid:
    hxxp://tracking202 DOT com/
    It's a service to allow you to track affiliate offer traffic and such, but one of the side benefits is you set the offer URL on their site, they give you a link to their site with some code, and it will send their link as the referrer, so it's not blanked, and if asked you can honestly say it's a tracking service you use for realtime stats.

    Kind of a redirect like tinyurl or budurl I suppose, except it will also track your offers and conversions as well as cloak your link.....
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