How to tell if someone is botted or "real" views [TIPS]

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by tempguy123, Jun 13, 2012.

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    Lets start off with all the good stuff!

    When you click on a video and click the video stats button, information will appear about the video (This is only if the video itself has been uploaded long enough and if the owner allowed video stat sharing).

    Once clicked you have freely see how many likes (though you can see likes publically anyway)/comments/favourites/views and where the viewers have either viewed the video or have been referred from.

    Once we see this, we can already know what usually dominates in views, for bigger youtubers it tends to be mobile views, but with SpK releasing a very detailed thread on how mobile views work and how to "mask" them, its only a matter of time before others decide to create a bot.


    Here is a classic example^

    So, how can we tell, using this information that the views purchased are real or botted?
    Firstly, I would like to say that there is no real safe feedback : view ratio! Different people have different results, but the range is probably 5 feedback to 15 views to something like 5 feedback to 50 views. Makes no difference.

    You will need a good sense of judgement. If you buy 10,000 "real" views and 9,000 are referred from facebook and the others 1,000 are referred from Twitter, you can most likely bet it isn't "real". By this I mean non-targeted users who may not watch your videos or have been forced but really, its down to judgement. If 10,000 people have viewed your video and not one has commented/rated/favourited/subscribed, don't you feel like there is something up? But people have different methods of gaining views, maybe view suppliers are recruiting Amish people to use the internet for the first time.

    I mean, I have lost motivation writing this because someone has contacted me on skype. But if someone could fill in the remaining information, that would be nice :)
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    Any person with an IQ would hide the stats before they bot the video.

    And why does it matter if someone else bots? What benefit is it to know what they are doing? It's not like you will get their sources of where they buy their shit from. Nor can you actually prove they botted their own video.
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    I have a video that was never botted but for some reason my stats say the most of the traffic source came from moblie views. I dont think that every video which has more mobile views than anything else is botted.
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    Yea my video kinda looks like the second pic and no way have i botted...
    If i did i would just hide the stats.
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    Over 50% of my views in the past 30 days are Mobile Views. I have used 0 botted views.