How to take any off name brand product to the top of Amazon

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    I posted thread earlier that requires a Blackhat Method to make money. Its a combination of both Amazon and SEO and the key to make it work is off brand products with big margins much larger than an affiliate margin although you can use affiliate marketing through Amazon to make more money.

    Step 1.

    Pic any well selling product on Amazon, not hard to do since there are literally millions, If it ranks 30,000 or lower I can tell you from my personal experience you sell at a minimum 5-7 a day.

    Step 2. Find a similar product on Aliexpress that has free shipping and has decent handling time there is always 5-6 offshoot ones that come from china. Key part to getting this is to make sure your margins are big enough to make money. Do some basic math amazon's commission is 15% so heres the equation I use to figure out there's profit to be made. cost of product + what I want to make divided by 85% and you get a price point just tweek it so the price is similar to the competing name brand try and get it a bit lower than the other not dramatically just a a little. Usually you can with no problems if not move on. YOU DO NEED A LITTLE INVESTMENT because amazon doesn't pay you immediately and you need to supply the money for the drop shippment till you get paid.

    Step 3. I think the above is the easy part. Here's where I'm stuck a bit and I'm looking for a program that does this or someone that can do this for me. I don't even want the affiliate link. (my plug for help) If you can automate an article poster than can post in html a review of the product or a product description with a buy button that redirect specifically to that product with the key word of the name of the product of the high ranking product on amazon. So basically you create backlinks to your "Similar" Product with your amazon competitors keyword. This will push your amazon listing for that product to the top of search results and amazon doesnt suffer google slaps so you can spam the crap out of it. Ive seen it done with other listings.

    Well heres my too sence if you can get a article poster that will do html so you can have the redirect box to amazon you can make money off of the affiliate commission but the real money is in the product placement or at least I think so. The only reason I say this is that you can make lots of money for low cost items vs competing against Mega SEO guys that have money to throw against the wall just to see what happens.

    If you can set this up for just 5 products to give you an example that do 5-7 sales a day that sell for an average of $20 online.

    Affiliate commision on 5 products x 5 sales x $20 average x affiliate commission of %4 is only $20 dollars a day but if you can do the same and profit $5 per sale simply by handling the drop shipment you make 5 products x 5 sales x 5 profit per day equals $125 a day.

    There are still a couple of other things to do on amazon to make it succesfull so if anyone can help with the blackhat. The article posting I'll tell you the rest of the setup you need to make this work thats on the product side of what you need to do with amazon
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    Interesting, I have been looking at a top 10 product in one of the categories and there is the same thing available from China very cheap, but of course it is a copy. You run the risk of getting your Amazon seller account banned for selling fakes or are you talking about branding as your own?