How To Submit Article To Article Directory? (Sorry For Stupid Question)

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    Sorry for stupid question, I have never success list any of my article to article directory, so what I need to do and prepare to have a success one to an article directory?

    Please give a guide "Guide For Dummies - How To Submit A Article And Successfully Listed". Thanks in advance!
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    Living With Articles!!
    I am an article directory owner.... I can see that only ezine*articles have strict-very strict- guidelines/acceptance policy... Others are ok... Just use any article submitter software for to do it... First make a list of article directories with page rank.. You can find it here or just google for article directory list... Most article submitter softwares have built it directory lists... If you submits to ezine*articles, only use manual submission...

    Simply submit your articles... 99% directories will accept the article...

    Some basic but important things are;

    * Only submit your own articles, or you have permission to do so...
    * submit to right categories..
    * give keywords so that the page/article will rank well in search engines...
    when copy pasting from a word processor like ms word, make sure there is no unwanted codes submitted with article... Better use notepad to store your article and copy paste from it...
    * read site TOS and Guidelines carefully. Some sites will not accept certain types of articles... Recently I deleted some 30+ articles about vibrators, enlarge your **** (size doesnot matter) etc...
    * Give good small title
    * It is better do not use PLR articles, rewrite it as much as possible if you need to use it.
    * Some sites allows hyper links in the article body, if so you can include allowed number of hyper links... Also some sites restrict the number of hyper links in the About the Author section... Check it before submission...
    * Do not submit articles that previously submitted and approved.
    * Do not submit articles multiple times.
    * Do not submit to multiple categories.
    * Do not submit small articles. Some sites put restriction on the characters in the articles... Say they say the article must be above 500 characters etc. etc...
    * Try to make the article as much as informative.

    There will be many other things....But I can only remember these for now....

    Also if you need my own article directory list, just PM me and I will sent it. 8 sites for now... After submission, again PM me and I will make a fast approval.....

    Good Luck!
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    Hi there just to add my two cents and to give you the reason ezine articles have tightened up on their article submissions so as l am a member of the ezine newsletter, the ownwer chris knight sent me this report within his newsletter to help you submit your articles, now you'll know exactly waht to do to get your articles submitted......
    Keyword and Keyphrase Issues
    Christopher Knight


    Over the past (3) months, we've had to draw some lines in the sand due to the increased volume of article submissions that included high keyword/keyphrase repetition to full-out blatant keyword abuse.

    We've made mistakes by rejecting a few hundred articles that turned up as false positives for keyword abuse when in fact, the author wasn't trying to hit any keyword density metrics. This went on for a (4) week period in the middle of December 07 through the middle of January 08 until we eased the restrictions to lower the rejection mistakes on our part.

    FACT: 2,416 articles were not accepted in the last 30 days due to keyword/keyphrase abuse.

    Worse, I can't tell you specifically what our internal criteria is for when we'll reject an article for keyword & keyphrase repetition vs. abuse because we need to be deliberately vague to prevent gaming of the system.

    Here are some guidelines to help you AVOID having your article rejected for keyword and/or keyphrase abuse:

    Don't make repetitive key phrases and keywords bold or italics.
    Don't use software to assist yourself to meet keyword and key phrase density metrics.
    Don't repeat key phrases more than once per sentence.
    An example (changed to protect privacy) of a paragraph from an article we rejected for keyphrase abuse of the word "Massage Table":

    For the members who had articles rejected for keyword and/or keyphrase abuse wrong, I and we apologize.

    If you're one of the good members (the greater majority are good) and want to increase the chance of having your article accepted when you know you naturally write very keyword dense, here are some guidelines to consider:

    Aim to ensure your target keyphrase is not repeated more than once every 100 words.
    Example: Your article is 700 words and your keyphrase is "Yoga Mat" should not be repeated more than (7) times in the entire article body.

    Know that our sensitivity is less about natural keyword repetition and more about blatant keyphrase abuse.
    You can expect in the coming weeks that we're improving our reporting within your membership interface to help you know why specifically an article wasn't able to be accepted for keyword repetition or abuse.

    For now, if all of this sounds like noise to you... then ignore it all because you are most likely in the 99% who have not had an article rejected for keyword abuse. :)

    Want to rant or comment on this keyword and keyphrase repetition/abuse issue?

    To Your Article Writing/Marketing Success & Passion!

    Christopher M. Knight, Publisher


    What To Do Now? Join the 12-part email-based training series to get a refresher on the basics. Then, write your next set of quality original articles centered around your area of expertise. Submit 'em in exchange for traffic and massive levels of exposure back to your website:

    EzineArticles Newsletter Information
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    There is a prog that i used before its called "backlink submitter" it can help you doing that..
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    Submitting articles manually
    The cheapest method of submitting articles is manual submission which is also the most time consuming way of submitting articles to directories. After registering with your targeted article directories, you simply submit each article manually to these directories. Although it takes a lot of time specially if you have more than a few articles and more than a few directories to submit to, but one of the main advantage of manual submission is that its Persis and you control every aspects of it. For example, when you submit your articles using softwares, often time it will submit your articles to the wring category, but manual submission ensures correct category submission.

    Submitting articles using article submission services
    There are many article submission services out there that for a fee, will submit your articles to tens and in some cases to hundreds of article directories. Using article submission services is costly, but it allows you to use your time on other acpects of your blog or website whether its SEO, creating content or what have you. Its always a good idea to look around and make sure use an article submission service with positive feedback from other article marketers.

    Submitting articles using paid article submitter softwares
    This is another costly way of submitting articles to article directories, but again it lest you reach more directories in a short amount of time. One of the disadvantage of using article submitter software is the fact that because you only have one category option, it often submit your articles to the wrong categories or not the exact category you wanted to submit your article too. But, if you can afford to buy an article submitter software, it will save you a lot of time in the long run, and it also gives you much better results in a shorter amount of time than say manual submission, simply because with article submitter tools you often can submit your articles to hundreds of directories at the push of a button.

    Submitting articles using free article submitters
    Submitting articles with free article submitter tools obviously doesn't cost you any money. But the problem with most free article submitters is their limitations. Often time free submitters don't give you much option or limit you usage some way or another. For example, most free articles submitters allow submission to only a handful of article directories, to submit to more directories you have to upgrade and pay for the upgraded version. The only free article submission tool that I came across that was actually better than most paid submitters is the Article submission helper. It actually allows you to add as many article directories as you like to the software, so you can submit your articles to as many directories as you want.

    No matter which method you choose to submit your article, article marketing is your answer to targeted traffic, quality backlinks and an increase in search engine ranking. If you haven't started using this great tool to advance your blog, I strongly suggest you get started. You will be surprised by the results of article marketing.
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    Living With Articles!! just digged up 2 and half year old thread man..