How to Submit a Listing to Citysearch

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    First, it's owned by CityGrid:

    From what I've read, Citysearch is run by a pack of incompetents. They go back & forth over whether they are going to allow free listings or not. They've done it in the past, then they didn't. Right now, they don't. There is no way way to add a free listing via their website. However, it is said that the Citysearch listing has a high value for ranking in Google+ Local, so it's a "must have".

    The clunky and inelegant work-around (it is said) is to email a request for Citysearch Staff to manually add your business (or your client's business) into their system for you. It's said that they will do this if you email a request. I have found no evidence that this will actually happen, but immediately after posting this thread, I am going to email a request for manual submission to Citysearch and then see what happens.

    Their email address is: [email protected]

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    [url=]Bulk Email[/ur
    Its not a "must have" but they force you to go through their sales team so they can up sell you...